Expert Fire Sprinkler Repair in Grand Rapids

The goal of a fire sprinkler system is to act as a first and immediate line of defense. With the right system in place and operating effectively, you can expect a reduction in damage risks and an added layer of safety and protection for clients and employees. However, if these systems encounter a complication, or if a problem goes undiagnosed, it can leave your business exposed to massive amounts of damage.

Are you in need of a fire sprinkler system repair in Michigan? The specialists at Fire Pros, LLC are ready to help, offering precision repair services as well as a full list of additional support services, giving your business access to the assurance and confidence it needs to operate without fear of fire damage.

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Fire Sprinkler Repair Services

At Fire Pros, we service, install, and maintain all sprinkler systems, from wet and dry, to deluge and antifreeze loop systems. We are your single source for full and complete sprinkler repair services, and our technicians boast exceptional training and a dedication to thorough service. If your sprinkler systems are damaged, malfunctioning, or otherwise not operating as intended, we have the knowledge and tools to return them to effective service in no time.

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Signs You Need A Fire Sprinkler Repair

An inoperable or damaged sprinkler system is in many ways an even larger danger than you may expect. Primarily this is because a damaged sprinkler often shows no obvious outward signs, and since you only rely on these systems during an emergency, it is often too late if an issue is discovered once a fire has occurred.

This makes understanding the signs for needed maintenance and repair vital, so please keep a close eye out for:

  • Corrosion or visible external damage. It is highly recommended that in addition to enlisting the help of a certified sprinkler system maintenance professional, your own on-site technicians or maintenance teams take the time to inspect for outwardly noteworthy signs of damage on your sprinkler systems. And signs of rust or corrosion, or bending/cracking on the sprinkler fixtures must be repaired immediately.
  • Leaking from sprinkler heads or piping. A leaking sprinkler not only presents a risk in the event of a fire but also can cause considerable water damage and mold growth within your business. Any leak, no matter how small, needs to be addressed.
  • False system engages. A false trigger or sprinklers engaging without a fire present can put your business at risk of a loss of productivity at best, and can cause serious damage at worst. If your sprinklers are engaging at inappropriate times call on Fire Pros, LLC for repairs right away!

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