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Which Fire Sprinkler System Is Best for Your Business?

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There’s a wide range of fire sprinkler systems to choose from for your West Michigan business. The options can be overwhelming, so the Fire Pros team is here to help. We’ve compiled a guide to help you determine which fire sprinkler system is the best match for you.

Pre-Action Sprinklers

As you can note from their name, pre-action systems require some pre-action work to activate. This system has a two-step activation process that starts by allowing water into the pipes but takes the sprinkler heads to be individually activated.

This design is helpful to avoid water damage in false alarms, as it provides a layer of protection to your belongings. Historic buildings or areas harboring valuable documents and items like libraries or banks would benefit from a pre-action system.

Dry Pipe Sprinklers

True to their name, dry pipes don’t hold water in them. They hold pressurized air in their pipes rather than water. When the system detects a fire, it releases the air and releases water through the pipes. This system will cost more than wet pipes but is extremely helpful for cold climates.

Since the design is common in cold areas, it’s a popular option for a wide range of businesses in Michigan, as you don’t have to worry about pipes freezing.

Wet Pipe Sprinklers

The hallmark of wet pipe systems is that they constantly have water in the pipes. Due to the constant presence of water, they’ve become the most common option for office buildings in Michigan. Along with the convenience, they’re also one of the cheapest installation options and cost the least to maintain.

Aside from office buildings, the individual sprinkler heads make them popular for commercial properties and schools throughout Michigan.

Deluge Sprinklers

Like the dry pipe and pre-action systems, the deluge system also serves as a dry system as it doesn’t store water in its pipes. However, the sprinkler heads on deluge systems always remain open and don’t have the ability to detect heat. These systems require an additional heat-detecting system.

Once the sprinkler is tripped, all the sprinkler heads start shooting water out. This allows a wide range of areas to be covered quickly. Due to the response design, deluge systems are often found in areas where flammable liquids can spread rapidly, such as factories and industrial buildings.

Choose Fire Pros for Fire Sprinkler Installation in Michigan 

No matter what fire sprinkler system you’re looking for, the team at Fire Pros is here for you. Our top-tier sprinkler installations include a property inspection from our team. After the inspection, we’ll sit down with you to form a plan of action for your sprinkler system.

With over 40 years of experience serving West Michigan, you can trust us for all your fire sprinkler service needs.

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