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Types of Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems are your business’s first line of defense against a fire. Though they may not stop all the damage, buildings with a sprinkler system often suffer 60% less damage than buildings that lack them. Considering the devastation that can occur in a fire, that can be a significant amount of savings during the rebuilding process.

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There are various types of fire sprinklers, and below are descriptions of each so you know which one is best suited for your commercial building.

  • Pre-action – Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are filled with air, and water is allowed to pass through when the smoke alarm or detector goes off. This fire sprinkler system requires two triggers to start water flow. The pre-action sprinkler can be set to prevent water from spouting in case of a false alarm or mechanical failure.
  • Dry Pipe – Dry pipe fire sprinklers are similar to pre-action fire sprinklers as they used pressurized air in the pipe which exits before water escapes. These fire sprinkler systems have a fast-opening tool to get rid of the air and speed up the flow of water.
  • Wet Pipe – Wet pipe fire sprinklers constantly have water in them. This allows for a quick reaction to fire. This system is the most common type of sprinkler installed in buildings; it is also the most cost-effective and low-maintenance system.
  • Deluge – Deluge fire sprinklers need a smoke or heat detector like the pre-action system. The deluge system has open nozzles that can be used when a fire hazard is present. These systems are good to have when flammable liquids are spread across a floor – which makes them a good fit for industrial parks and buildings.

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