Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Once a fire sprinkler system has been established and implemented in your business, you can rest easier knowing your employees and clients are better protected in the event of a fire.

However, system installation is only the beginning if you intend for your fire protection systems to remain functional and effective. A routine inspection should be established, and the professionals at Fire Pros have your needs covered.

Fire Pros is known for top-of-the-line fire safety equipment, products, and services throughout Michigan. We serve clients by installing fire sprinkler systems and providing all necessary support services, including annual and scheduled inspections, helping your business stay protected and ready in the event of a fire.

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Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

How Often Should You Inspect Your Fire Sprinklers?

When it comes to fire sprinkler systems — and many other forms of fire detection and prevention — the process of inspection and testing is fairly layered. There are quarterly and annual inspections, and some systems even require monthly inspections.

Because of this, you must work closely with a certified fire safety contractor who can satisfy all of these needs and build a contract that will fulfill all your testing requirements throughout the year.

At Fire Pros, we offer cost- and time-saving inspection contracts so we can meet all your inspection and testing needs conveniently and effectively without you needing to track dates yourself.

This keeps your business and clients safe and protected at all times and ensures you remain compliant with the NFPA 25 and local building codes.

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Annual & Scheduled Fire Sprinkler Inspections

The only issue with a sprinkler system is that it can be difficult to tell if there’s trouble with the system or a complication that may reduce its effectiveness. This is, of course, something you do not want to leave to chance, which is why routine professional inspections are necessary.

At Fire Pros, our teams use the NFPA 25 standards to inspect, test, and maintain all types of fire sprinkler systems, ensuring your system is ready to respond promptly and effectively in the event of a fire.

What Happens During a Sprinkler System Inspection With Fire Pros?

Our standard inspection and maintenance service includes all major and minor points, including:

  • Visual inspections of the fire sprinkler system and its critical components, like the fire sprinkler head and piping system
  • Testing the performance of the fire pump and checking for signs of damage
  • Lubricating necessary moving components
  • Measuring the water flow rates from pumps and sprinklers
  • Testing fire alarms and sprinkler activation
  • Inspecting the electrical system, control circuits, and communications interface
  • Performing trip tests of the dry pipe, deluge, and preaction valves
  • Quarterly testing of water flow rates

When it comes to fire sprinkler inspections, we’re the ones to trust, so call 800-968-2871 today.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Sprinkler System Inspections

Regular inspections of your fire sprinkler system assure your commercial building’s sprinklers’ performance and help keep minor repairs from becoming major expenses.

Partnering with a trusted fire inspection service provider to handle your building’s fire sprinkler system inspections is a smart investment that ensures your sprinklers work during an emergency.

An NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) mandated inspection must be carried out every five years. The inspection examines the insides of your fire sprinkler’s pipes and ensures there are no blockages that would prevent free water flow during a fire.

All vital measures are included during a sprinkler system inspection performed by Fire Pros. Along with inspecting all critical components for signs of damage, we examine the electrical system, perform multiple valve trip tests, lubricate moving parts, measure water flow rates, and more.

The average time required to complete a sprinkler system inspection varies but is typically completed within a day.

Remaining code-compliant and protecting your building and its occupants from the risks of a fire are critical responsibilities. Fortunately, you don’t need to know how to test a fire sprinkler system yourself.

Regular professional maintenance and inspections of your commercial building ensure the proper performance of its sprinkler system, minimize fire damage risk, and protect you from liability.

Fire Pros offers on-site or remote fire protection training and safety classes to teach employees how to operate certain fire extinguishing equipment and systems.

Depending on the type of sprinkler system, insurance company requirements, and state, federal, and local regulations and codes, the frequency of your inspections can vary. A certified fire safety contractor will help you determine which inspections are required for your commercial building and when they should be scheduled.

Some system components may require monthly inspections, while others only need quarterly, semiannual, or annual inspections.

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