Fire Extinguisher Installations in West Michigan

Ensuring your business’s fire extinguishers are fully operational is a critical component of your fire protection plan and essential to the safety and security of your employees, guests, and structure.

Fire Pros provides complete fire extinguisher installation and fire extinguisher replacement services for businesses throughout West Michigan.

Our skilled technicians specialize in various fire extinguisher services, including extinguisher inspections and fire extinguisher repairs that keep properties safe and protect lives.

Fire Extinguisher Installation Options

Wherever a potential fire hazard exists at your business, Michigan law requires the installation of fire extinguishers.

The regulations surrounding which fire extinguisher is required and where it needs to be placed can be complex or confusing. That’s why we recommend having the experienced technicians at Fire Pros handle the job.

Based on your building or facility needs, you have several fire extinguisher installation options:

  • Brackets mounted to the wall to hold canisters up off the floor but still within sight.
  • Cabinets that house canisters behind a breakable glass door to prevent tampering until a fire emergency strikes.
  • Stands make it easy to relocate portable fire extinguisher canisters as needed. They’re an ideal choice to meet fire codes during temporary events, concerts, etc.
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Fire Classes and Fire Extinguisher Sizing

While the hope is that you never have to use them, it’s still critical to install the correct fire extinguishers for your building or restaurant. Depending on the fuel source, different fires require different extinguishing methods.

The technicians at Fire Pros have extensive training and experience in proper fire extinguisher installation for all five categories of fire:

  1. Class A, or common fires, involve wood, paper, cloth, plastic, and other ordinary combustibles.
  2. Class B fires occur when flammable liquids ignite.
  3. Class C electrical fires happen when wiring or appliances overheat and cause a spark.
  4. Class D, uncommon fires, are caused by ignited shards from flammable metals like titanium, magnesium, and sodium.
  5. Class K kitchen fires involve overheated cooking oil and grease.

Identifying the class of any existing fire extinguishers you have is easy — each unit has large letters displayed on its side, designating which type of fire it’s most suitable for suppressing.

If you’re unsure which type or types of fire extinguishers you need to install, Fire Pros can help you choose the correct models and number needed to protect your business and keep it fully compliant.

Call Fire Pros for Fire Extinguisher Installation Services

National Fire Protection Association 10 sets out the regulations for locating and placing portable fire extinguishers. Some of the rules your business must follow include:

  • Placing fire extinguishers where they’re readily accessible and available in the event of a fire. This could be a hallway, stairwell, or another normal path of travel.
  • Ensuring the equipment’s highly visible.
  • Mounting extinguishers at least four inches above the finished floor, with the top of the cylinder no higher than 5 feet above the floor.
  • Placing extinguishers in locked cabinets with a means of emergency access to prevent malicious use or tampering.

Fire Pros offers the fire extinguisher installation and replacement services you need to stay well-protected during a fire emergency.

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