Kitchen Fire Suppression Services

When you operate a busy restaurant, it’s easy to forget about the importance of fire safety. However, a reliable fire suppression system is necessary for the survival and recovery of your business after a cooking fire.

A commercial kitchen fire suppression system releases wet chemical extinguishing agents designed to extinguish cooking and grease fires. These chemicals react with grease to create a harmless, soapy substance that can’t re-ignite. This process, called saponification, protects the kitchen hoods, cooking appliances, and plenum areas from the ravages of fire. For added safety, the system also shuts off the electricity and gas powering your commercial kitchen.

Partner with Fire Pros for kitchen fire suppression system inspections, installation, and repair. We’ll ensure you have the quality system you need to prevent serious fire damage and loss of life.

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Fire Pros’ Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspections

Fire suppression systems are complex, featuring many individual components that work together to protect your commercial kitchen. Recurring inspections ensure that every part is functioning properly to safeguard your property and the lives of everyone inside.

Here’s what a kitchen fire suppression inspection from Fire Pros entails:

  • Visually inspecting nozzles, conduits, and detectors
  • Ensuring piping is tight and secure
  • Cleaning nozzles to ensure they aren’t obstructed
  • Checking pressurized cylinder gauges and hydrostatic test dates
  • Internally inspecting non-pressurized tanks for corrosion
  • Testing the remote pull station and cutting a terminal test link to ensure a functional automatic actuation cycle
  • Verifying the cutoff of electricity and gas when the system activates
  • Replacing center link housings, system cartridges, and fusible links as needed
  • Testing electrical interlocks
  • Recording and reporting any obvious deficiencies uncovered during the inspection

Fire Pros meets all your inspection needs by following the guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association, the American National Standards Institute, Standard UL 300, state and local codes, and your insurance provider.

We also offer a convenient inspection contract designed to keep your commercial kitchen up to code by performing maintenance at designated intervals.

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Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation

Whether you’ve opened a new restaurant or you’re upgrading your existing commercial kitchen, Fire Pros can help design and install a reliable kitchen fire suppression system. We take care of the entire process, starting with designing, planning, and obtaining permits and finishing with a coordinated installation, testing, and final inspection. We’ll make sure your system is designed perfectly to suit your fire protection needs.

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Kitchen Fire Suppression Repair & Recharge

Is something wrong with your kitchen fire suppression system? Don’t delay the repair, or you could be left without functional fire extinguishing equipment when you need it most.

If your suppression system was discharged in a recent cooking fire, it’s critical to recharge the pressurized cylinders. Before you resume normal restaurant operations, call us to have your system returned to its fully charged and ready state. By taking care of this immediately, you avoid leaving your business vulnerable to fire. Don’t worry — we work efficiently to minimize downtime.

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Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Services

Choose Fire Pros to work with a certified and licensed fire protection contractor. You can count on us for thorough, code-compliant inspections, installations, and repairs. Our goal is to make your restaurant kitchen as safe as possible from future restaurant fires!


Recurring inspection and analysis of a system and its components ensures lives and property are safeguarded against a fire. Fire Pros can meet all of your inspection needs.

At Fire Pros, we work hard to make sure your restaurant remains safe from significant fire damage.

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