Fire Sprinkler Installation in Michigan

An effective fire sprinkler system plays a vital, and often decisive, role in keeping your Michigan business safe in the event of a fire. Take note, however, of our deliberate use of the word “effective.” Protecting your business correctly requires that the system is designed and installed in strict accordance with your needs, and that is exactly what the team at Fire Pros will provide.

We remain well versed in all the latest products, techniques, and tools in fire protection. It is our endless goal to ensure you get the best in fire defense, and to that end, we never rest until we’re certain our installation project has been completed thoroughly and effectively.

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Fire Sprinkler Installation in Michigan

When it comes to keeping your business safe, it is never ideal to simply install anything within your business and just hope for the best. A proper fire sprinkler system is one that provides the fullest coverage possible, and one that is ideal for the specific areas being protected. Because of this, we offer a wide range of system types, including:

  • Wet Sprinkler Systems. The most popular and common sprinkler system, wet sprinklers constantly store water in the pressurized pipe system. In the event of a fire, the stored water will immediately flow upon activation of the sprinkler heads.
  • Dry Sprinkler Systems. Dry sprinklers operate similarly to wet systems; however, water is not stored or pressurized in the pipes. Though this creates a noteworthy delay in activation, this system is ideal in areas prone to pipe freezing and consistent below-freezing exposure to avoid a burst pipe.
  • Antifreeze Systems and Loops. Antifreeze systems were essentially created to address the delay created by dry systems within industrial areas that cannot allow the minor delay. Instead, an antifreeze closed loop keeps water in the pipes from freezing, essentially creating a “freeze-resistant” wet system.
  • Deluge Sprinkler Systems. In a deluge system the sprinkler heads, or valves, are always in an open state. A deluge system must be manually activated and deactivated, making them ideal for use in commercial areas where any amount of fire could result in severe damage or potential reactions.
  • Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems. When not active, a pre-action sprinkler is essentially a dry system, with no water in the pipes. When a fire is detected, the pipes will fill; however, the system requires an external trigger or switch before the sprinkler heads will open. Pre-action sprinklers are often used in areas where accidental trigger could be damaging, such as in data centers or areas where water could potentially damage goods.

Benefits of Fire Sprinklers

There are many benefits of utilizing fire sprinklers in your commercial building. They are a necessity in any commercial building to protect not only the people who are in it, but also assets within the property such as technology and other devices. Fire sprinklers are fast-acting since they can detect heat from an occurring fire.

Fire sprinklers work in a chain reaction to contain a fire and put it out. Through the breaking glass, it sends a signal to the system that there is an immediate fire threat. The water supply is then activated and pressurized, and rushes to the site of the fire sprinkler head. The pressurized water comes out of the head to create a wide arc, covering the largest area with the least amount of water. By doing this, this reduces the chance of water damage to the property.

By containing the fire, there will be less toxic smoke in the building, which is important for the fire department personnel. A fire sprinkler uses six times less water than a hose, so the chance of water damage is significantly less.

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FAQs About Fire Sprinkler System Installation

No, fire sprinkler heads will only trigger in areas where a fire is present. Other sprinkler heads within the building will not trigger, thus leaving adjacent areas and rooms undamaged.

Most fire sprinkler installations are straightforward and simple. Our team will conduct a pre-installation meeting and inspection of the site to determine the appropriate methods. The installation process involves positioning the pipes and connecting the hangers, branch lines, sprinkler heads, control valves, and other components.

Absolutely not! Fire sprinkler systems require minimal maintenance and usually cost less than a few hundred dollars per year to maintain. Compared with the potential loss of property in a fire, fire sprinklers are a cost-effective fire protection solution. Regular maintenance involves checking pipes for corrosion and connection, as well as testing gauges, sprinkler heads, valves, and other components. Once installed, most sprinkler systems will provide reliable protection for 20 years or longer.

We install a wide range of fire sprinklers for our clients in Michigan. These include:

  • Control mode fire sprinklers
  • Fast response fire sprinklers
  • Decorator fire sprinklers
  • Wet pipe fire sprinklers
  • Dry pipe fire sprinklers
  • Low-pressure fire sprinklers
  • Suppression fire sprinklers
  • Water mist fire sprinklers

Before installation, our team will meet with you to identify the specific threats inherent to your industry and facility. We will recommend the most efficient and effective fire sprinkler for your needs. In some cases, such as universities, manufacturing facilities, and commercial buildings, this may require installing multiple types of fire sprinkler systems to ensure appropriate protection throughout the facility.

Sudden, unintended activation of the fire sprinkler system is very rare. These systems are well-designed and built so they will only go off when a fire is present. While component failures and accidents can trigger a fire sprinkler system, we minimize this possibility by conducting a thorough post-installation inspection of all fire sprinkler systems we install.

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