Fire Protection Services for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Keeping your hospital, medical office, or healthcare facility safe means having the proper fire protection systems onsite. Fire Pros offers comprehensive fire safety solutions that healthcare facility managers can trust.

We provide a broad range of fire safety services, including fire alarm installation, emergency lighting design, and commercial kitchen fire suppression systems.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Fire Alarm Systems

Being alerted to a possible fire is the first line of defense in any commercial property. With so many patients, staff members, and visitors to look after, it’s vital for hospitals to have the proper fire alarm systems, so everyone has the best chance of making it to safety. 

Our team offers fire alarm system solutions for healthcare facilities, including:

Fire Sprinkler Systems

When flames break out, it’s crucial to have a fire sprinkler system to mitigate damage to your medical facility. Otherwise, you could lose patient files, medical equipment, and other important property to flame damage. 

Fire Pros is your go-to source for all your fire sprinkler protection needs, including:

Fire Extinguishers

A fully functioning fire extinguisher is essential for fire emergencies. From recharge and refill to inspections and installation, our fire extinguisher experts are ready to help you every step of the way.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

When a fire breaks out in your healthcare facility, all building occupants must have a clear route to safety. That’s why it’s critical to have a thoughtfully designed exit and emergency lighting system. 

We offer several exit and emergency lighting solutions ideal for your medical facility, including exit and emergency lighting inspections, repairs, and purchasing lights for installation.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Hospital kitchens require unique fire suppression systems to help mitigate the spread of flames in an emergency. Our team specializes in kitchen fire suppression system services, including:

Why Choose Fire Pros?

For over 40 years, Fire Pros has offered unparalleled fire safety solutions that business owners trust. Our customers know they can always rely on us for excellent support and 24/7 emergency service when they need us most.

We’re here to help protect your hospital, delivering state-of-the-art, customized solutions that fit your facility’s unique needs. 

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