Fire Protection Services for Restaurants & Hotels

As a manager or business owner in the hospitality industry, keeping your employees and guests safe is among your top priorities.

For nearly 40 years, Fire Pros has provided unparalleled fire protection services for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and more. You can count on our crew for long-lasting protection from fires.

Kitchen Fire Suppression

Fire Pros offers a variety of fire suppression services tailored to your industry’s specific requirements, including commercial kitchen fire suppression. Our team will discuss your current needs for a system and provide a quote for installation, inspection, or repairs.

Fire Alarm Systems

You rely on your fire alarm to alert your guests and staff when a fire breaks out. A malfunctioning fire alarm presents a significant risk, as your guests need time to safely exit the building.

We provide fire alarm testing, inspections, monitoring, and maintenance that meets local and national fire safety requirements. Our 24/7 monitoring services ensure emergency services and property owners are immediately notified if a fire breaks out.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Our crew inspects, installs, and maintains fire sprinkler systems, guaranteeing 24-hour peace of mind and protection. If a fire ignites in your facility, the sprinkler system will activate promptly, stopping the fire from spreading and minimizing damage. 

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Pros can equip your building and staff with essential fire safety tools, including fire extinguishers. Let us provide the ideal number, size, and type of fire extinguishers your property requires. 

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Exit and emergency lights help guide people to safety during emergencies. Fire Pros offers exit and emergency lighting services, including inspections, repairs, and installations. Our services meet local and national emergency lighting requirements for hotels and other hospitality businesses. 

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?