Systems We Service in Michigan

Is your business ready to tackle a fire emergency? You need a combination of fire protection systems to prevent loss of life and property. Building codes also require routine inspections and maintenance to ensure your systems remain operational if disaster strikes.

If you’re located in Michigan, count on Fire Pros to get your fire protection systems up and running. Here are the products and services we offer. If you have any additional questions, contact us today by calling 800-968-2871 or by contacting us online.

Fire Alarms

As one of the most essential safety features in your building, you can’t neglect your fire alarm. Fire Pros designs and installs fire alarms for businesses throughout Michigan.

Once your system is in place, trust us to inspect and maintain your fire alarm for code compliance purposes. A fire alarm maintenance contract ensures you never miss a scheduled inspection. We can also set up 24-hour monitoring so emergency responders dispatch to your location immediately after the alarm goes off.

Exit and emergency lighting is another life safety system you can’t go without. We can install and repair exit signs and battery-backup emergency lighting.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Fire Sprinklers

A fire sprinkler system is your first line of defense against an unexpected blaze. That’s why you should trust the qualified team at Fire Pros to design and install your fire sprinklers (if your building requires one). We also inspect and maintain sprinkler systems to keep them in proper working order. And if they ever malfunction, we can repair your fire sprinkler heads and other system parts.

Fire Extinguishers

When used properly, fire extinguishers douse flames quickly, saving lives and minimizing property damage as a result. We can help you purchase and install the right type of extinguishers for your building. Then, we can perform annual maintenance and cylinder testing to ensure your extinguishers will work when you need them. An inspection contract keeps you on schedule with routine maintenance requirements.

If your cylinders ever need to be recharged, we’re the fire protection contractor for the job. We also provide hands-on fire safety training, including extinguisher training, to ensure your employees can respond quickly and confidently in an emergency.

Kitchen Fire Suppression

If you own a restaurant, kitchen fire suppression is fundamental to your overall fire safety plan. Hire the experts at Fire Pros to install a custom suppression system in your Michigan restaurant. Then, let us conduct kitchen hood inspections and recharge services to ensure your equipment is ready to fight a fire at a moment’s notice. A kitchen fire suppression inspection contract from Fire Pros will keep you on track with the recommended schedule.

In addition to kitchen fire suppression, we also offer industrial suppression systems, special hazard suppression systems, and CO2 exchange for businesses and home brewing hobbyists.

Fire Protection Products & Services in Michigan

To learn more about our fire protection products and services in Michigan, please contact Fire Pros. We are an experienced fire protection company that takes pride in helping our customers. Along with our services, we also offer services with:

You can reach us by calling 800-968-2871 or by contacting us online for more information about all of our available services to keep you and your commercial building safe.