Fire Protection for Automotive Facilities

Heat sources, flammable materials, and complex electrical systems are just a few conditions that make automotive manufacturing facilities so vulnerable to fires.

For nearly 40 years, Fire Pros has helped those in the West Michigan automotive industry protect people and property from the risk of fire, providing fire safety solutions that keep their businesses operating in the event of a fire. 

We can design fire protection and life-saving systems for your facility, including special hazard suppression systems and exit and emergency lighting, that ensure employees, visitors, and assets are adequately protected against a fire.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Our Services

Fire Alarms

Michigan adheres to International Fire Code regulations (IFC) and NFPA codes (including NFPA 5,000 and NFPA 10) for commercial and industrial facilities such as automotive manufacturers. A commercial fire alarm system protects people, property, and other assets from the devastating effects of a fire. 

We offer:

When your automotive manufacturing business needs code-compliant, state-of-the-art fire alarms installed, Fire Pros has you covered.

Fire Sprinklers

Commercial fire sprinkler systems mitigate fire and smoke damage and give people in the building time to evacuate safely. This valuable first-line-of-defense fire protection equipment also helps prevent disruption of the manufacturing process.

Our commercial fire sprinkler services offer critical protection during a fire and include:

Installing fire sprinklers in your West Michigan-based automotive manufacturing facility is a proven way to ensure it complies with local, state, and federal fire prevention and life safety standards, including those set forth by the NFPA and OSHA.

Fire Extinguishers

Some local jurisdictions have requirements that go beyond the state’s minimum requirements. However, all fire safety regulations require automotive facilities to meet and adhere to NFPA standards for portable fire extinguishers.

Fire Pros offers a full range of commercial fire extinguisher services for the automotive industry, including:

Our fire safety professionals will help you choose the correct type and number of fire extinguishers to keep your facility safe and code compliant.

Why Choose Fire Pros?

From regular maintenance of manufacturing equipment to properly storing and handling flammable materials, proactive prevention measures reduce the risk of fires in automotive facilities.

For nearly 40 years, Fire Pros has delivered premium fire protection services to automotive facilities throughout West Michigan.

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