Kitchen Fire Suppression Repairs in Michigan

A professional fire protection company can help you protect lives and property from the devastation of a commercial kitchen fire. For over 40 years, Fire Pros has provided first-rate fire protection services to various industries throughout West Michigan. In addition to kitchen fire suppression repairs, we also offer inspections and installation services for your commercial kitchen.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Signs Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System Needs Repair

Even the most dependable kitchen fire suppression systems need the occasional repair. Sometimes they might require replacement. These signs can let you know that your system likely needs professional repair work:

  • No response from remote pull stations
  • Improper conduit, nozzle, or detector locations
  • Clogged nozzles
  • A malfunctioning automatic actuation switch
  • Loose pipes or copper tubing
  • System cartridges have not been regularly replaced
  • Under-pressurized or corroded tanks
  • Any other obvious deficiencies

One of the best ways to ensure your kitchen fire suppression system turns on automatically when a fire starts in your commercial kitchen is to schedule regular inspections to identify problems before the system breaks down.

Benefits of Performing Repairs to Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

  • Staying compliant with codes and regulations
  • Making sure your system is ready to work properly
  • Meeting requirements for your insurance policy
  • Keeping your employees, customers, and building safe

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Restaurants and other food preparation businesses throughout West Michigan have long put their trust in us for all their kitchen fire suppression repair needs. Our knowledgeable crews have years of experience and expertise in kitchen fire suppression system inspections, installations, repairs, and maintenance, and the services they provide are simply second to none.

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