Exit & Emergency Lighting Inspections in West Michigan

Exit and emergency lighting are essential for the safety of everyone in your building. Whether it’s customers and employees, or students and visitors, these lights create a clear pathway guiding the way to safety.

If your lights falter and fail or are improperly positioned, the risk of injury or death rises exponentially. It’s your responsibility to ensure your systems are in the right place and properly maintained.

Exit and emergency lighting provide reliable illumination in:

  • Hallways and corridors
  • Stairwells
  • Ramps
  • Escalators
  • Aisles
  • Passageways
  • And more!

How Often Do Fires Happen?

It’s easy to convince yourself that you’ll never need your exit or emergency lighting. Statistically, the chances of a fire breaking out may seem minor, but they’re not small enough.

Every 23 seconds, a fire breaks out in the United States. That comes to about three per minute, 180 per hour, 4,320 per day, and approximately 1.58 million per year.

It’s likely that your business, school, recreation center, etc., will experience a fire at some point. That’s why NFPA standards and local codes require regular testing, inspection, and maintenance of emergency lighting and exit systems.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Our Exit & Emergency Lighting Inspection Services

Safety is the top priority for the certified fire professionals at Fire Pros. Our exit and emergency lighting inspection services ensure your building complies with all NFPA codes and local building regulations.

Specifically, NFPA No. 101, Chapter 31, Section 1.3.7 governs emergency lighting systems’ testing and maintenance requirements.

Our exit or emergency lighting inspection services include:

  • Inspection of each unit to confirm proper installation
  • Inspection of each light’s location
  • Confirmation that there are a sufficient number of lights in each location
  • Confirmation that each light is adequately charged
  • Load testing battery systems
  • Inspection of bulbs to confirm proper function and illumination
  • And more!

The Fire Pros Advantage

We’re proud to be the leading fire protection company serving West Michigan. Our technicians are involved in extensive training and certified to perform inspections for various industry businesses.

For over 40 years, businesses, government agencies, schools, homeowners, and many others have depended on our team to protect them from fire hazards.

Your safety is our top priority, and we guarantee our services will help keep you safe if a fire ever starts in your building.

Contact Fire Pros at 800-968-2871 to request a quote to inspect your building’s exit and emergency lighting.