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How Do Fire Sprinklers Work?

Have you ever seen a TV show or movie where all the fire sprinklers in a building went off at once? In real life, fire sprinklers are designed to quickly put out fires while minimizing water damage. Keep reading to learn how fire sprinklers work and why your commercial building should have their fire protection system inspected regularly.

For more information, the fire protection contractors at Fire Pros recommend contacting a fire sprinkler contractor near you.

Pressurized Water

It takes a network of piping to supply water to all the fire sprinkler heads in your building. This is why it’s best to time fire sprinkler installation during new construction or remodeling. The pipes are installed out of sight, behind ceilings and walls.

Fire sprinklers respond quickly to fires because they have a constant supply of pressurized water via the piping network. Each sprinkler head is installed along the piping and strategically placed to protect the rooms and hallways in your commercial building. Only the sprinkler heads closest to the flames will activate in the event of a fire.

Temperature Sensitivity

It’s important to remember that fire sprinklers go off due to an increase in air temperature indicative of a fire. This means that if one of your employees burns their lunch in the microwave, you don’t have to worry about the smoke activating the fire sprinkler system.

It is rare for fire sprinklers to accidentally go off, which means you shouldn’t let fear of water damage prevent you from adding complete fire protection to your commercial building. Compared to a plumbing leak, a fire sprinkler releases much less water in the event of an accidental discharge.

Once the mechanism in the fire sprinkler head has been triggered, the water will only be able to be turned off by an emergency responder. Each sprinkler head has a little plug to hold back the pressurized water in the pipes. However, when the air temperatures rise above 165 degrees Fahrenheit, the plug is released.

The mechanism in the fire sprinkler head depends on the type of sprinkler system you install. For example, some fire sprinkler heads have liquid-filled glass vials that shatter with high air temperatures. A fire sprinkler company can help you determine the right system for your building.

Quick Response

As soon as the fire sprinkler system detects an increase in air temperature indicative of a fire, pressurized water is released via the sprinkler head. Often, the automatic sprinkler system is able to suppress (or even put out) the flames before first responders arrive on the scene. Not only does the quick response of the fire sprinkler system minimize property loss, but it also gives the building’s occupants more time to evacuate. Fire sprinklers also reduce the amount of smoke and heat a fire produces.

Keep in mind that fire sprinkler systems should be just one part of a comprehensive fire protection system and should be combined with other measures like a fire alarm system and fire extinguishers.

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