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Safety is a top priority for any business in Michigan, and a well-rounded fire protection system plays an important role in meeting your safety goals. With the help of the latest fire protection equipment and a qualified team to keep it working properly, you can give your staff, visitors, and property comprehensive protection from fires and other emergencies.

As a leading provider of fire protection services in Michigan since 1984, our team at Fire Pros is experienced, equipped, and ready to handle all your fire protection needs. We serve businesses and other organizations throughout West Michigan.

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The Industries & Organizations We Serve

At Fire Pros, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients with class-leading fire protection solutions, and we serve businesses and organizations of all types:

  • Property management Industrial and commercial property management firms have an obligation to protect tenants and the assets of their clients from fires and other damage. With our innovative fire alarm systems, monitoring solutions, sprinkler systems, industrial suppression systems, and more, we can provide the solutions you need for effective fire protection.
  • Hospitality Restaurants, bars, and hotels need extra protection to keep their patrons safe during emergencies, from commercial kitchen fire suppression systems and sprinklers that limit the spread of fire to emergency lighting and exit signs that aid in evacuations. Our team at Fire Pros can design the ideal fire protection solution for your needs.
  • Automotive Automotive manufacturing firms can present unique challenges for fire protection services, with welding gases, fuels, paint fumes, and other hazards present during the manufacturing process. We can design a fire protection solution with special hazard suppression systems and industrial fire suppression solutions to keep your staff and property safe.
  • Educational institutes Schools, universities, and other educational institutions strive to keep students and staff safe at all times. Between our industry-leading fire alarms, monitoring services, sprinkler systems, and emergency lighting systems, we can help your facility respond to emergencies quickly and make evacuations as safe and orderly as possible.
  • Religious organizations – Churches and religious organizations need comprehensive fire protection that fits within budgets that are often quite limited. At Fire Pros, we can work within the means of your organization to provide the best protection for your parishioners.
  • Health care – Hospitals and medical offices have far more important things to worry about than their fire protection systems. Our experts at Fire Pros can take care of your fire alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, and other equipment, allowing your health care professionals to focus on treating patients.
  • Assisted living – Senior care, assisted living, and long-term care facilities need plenty time to evacuate safely in an emergency. With our fire alarm services, monitoring solutions, emergency lighting, and more, we can provide the tools you need for early detection of fires, safe evacuations, and fast responses from emergency personnel.
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From equipment installations to inspections, testing, maintenance, and repairs, our experts at Fire Pros can provide the fire protection services you need to keep your staff and facility as safe as possible.

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