Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems in Michigan

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Adequately protecting your building from fire hazards requires a multifaceted approach. One of those approaches should be to install a fire sprinkler system. No other fire suppression method is more effective at saving lives and reducing property damage. But what if your building contains delicate equipment or artifacts that could be harmed just as badly by water as by fire? In this scenario, an accidental discharge could be devastating.

When you need an added level of protection against inadvertent sprinkler activation, consider a pre-action system. Fire Pros can perform the fire sprinkler installation you need to ensure your facility is protected from fire and water.

Find out more about pre-action fire sprinklers to see if they’re the right solution for you. Then, contact Fire Pros for information about getting a system installed in your building.

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What Is a Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler System?

Under normal conditions, no water is contained within the pipes of a pre-action system, which is the same as dry pipe fire sprinklers. The difference comes when the flame, heat, or smoke detection system activates.

Instead of sending water directly onto the flames below, an electronically operated valve, called a pre-action valve, opens. This converts the dry piping into a wet pipe system. After this initial phase, high heat must then trigger individual sprinkler heads before the water discharges. In a sense, the pre-action fire sprinkler works to convert a dry pipe system into a wet pipe system quickly and effectively, and allows fire sprinklers to be activated independently.

Some pre-action systems are installed with a double interlock where pressurized air or nitrogen is added to the piping. This serves two purposes: to monitor the pipes for leaks and to hold water in case the detectors operate mistakenly. Freezer warehouses are the most common application for this feature.

Pre-action fire sprinklers are most often installed in water-sensitive environments, such as computer centers, fine art storage areas, libraries of rare books, and archival vaults. Non-water fire suppression is also available for these special hazard areas.

Important Installation & Maintenance Considerations

Before you install pre-action fire sprinklers, understand that they have additional components that increase the complexity of the system. This results in higher installation costs and more maintenance requirements. In addition, specific size limitations may impact the ability to modify the system later on.

Because these systems are so complex, maintenance is imperative. To comply with NFPA 25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, keep up with the following requirements:

  • Inspect gauges weekly to check that the air and water pressures are correct.
  • Perform a yearly trip test on the pre-action valve following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • During the trip test, inspect and clean the pre-action valve. Repair or replace any parts as needed.

Schedule Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Installation in MI

While pre-action sprinklers could be the best fire protection method for your special hazard building, it takes careful planning and expert installation to provide the results you want. Fire Pros will assess your site and recommend the most suitable solution to meet your needs. Whether you opt for pre-action sprinklers or another method, we can design, install, and service your fire protection system in the years to come.

To begin the process of installing pre-action fire sprinklers in Michigan, please contact Fire Pros at 800-968-2871.