CO2 Exchange Services in Grand Rapids, MI

No matter what type of cylinders you use for your business, it’s important that they be properly tested to ensure they are in working order. At Fire Pros, you can count on our certified Department of Transportation (DOT) and hazmat staff to conduct tests on cylinders, tanks, and cartridges.

We also offer cylinder recharge services and cylinder maintenance. You may also choose to exchange your old CO2 tank for a newly recharged one via our CO2 cylinder exchange program.

We follow modern fire protection regulations and code set by DOT and hazmat when testing cylinders. Through hydrostatic testing, we can determine if there are any cylinder leaks by filling the cylinder with water and pressurizing it to a specific test pressure. We also check for pressure tightness and test the cylinder’s structural integrity.

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What Are CO2 Cylinders Used For?

Gray CO2 canisters

CO2 cylinders are commonly used by homebrewing hobbyists to push cold beer from the kegerator to the beer faucet. Our CO2 tank exchange program allows you to conveniently swap out your used CO2 tank for one that’s newly recharged.

We Offer Testing on the Following Types of Cylinders:

  • Fire Extinguishers (Portable and Wheeled Units)
  • Scuba Tanks/ Breathing Packs
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for All Applications
  • SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)
  • O2 Cylinders
  • Beverage Cylinders

How Do I Know How Much CO2 Is Left in My Tank?

Some CO2 regulators have a gauge for the air pressure and a gauge that displays how much air is left in the tank. If you are unsure how full your CO2 tank is, we can inspect the element and recommend the best time for a refill.

CO2 Exchange Services

Is it time to exchange your CO2 cylinders? Our fire protection team can come out and test your CO2 cylinders and verify that they are empty. Once empty, we can provide CO2 refill or tank exchange services.

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If you are interested in our cylinder testing and DOT certification services, call our fire protection contractors. Fire Pros takes pride in helping our customers keep their cylinders in proper working condition.

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