Fire Pump Installation in Michigan

An effectively selected and installed fire pump is absolutely necessary in order to keep your fire sprinkler system up to code and ready to spring into action. At Fire Pros, we have been providing comprehensive fire protection services, including fire pump installation, maintenance, and repair, for over 40 years. Our breadth of experience and dedication to keeping our clients safe against the dangers of fire are unmatched in the Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Metro Detroit areas.

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Fire Pump Installation in Michigan

All fire pump installation and fire protection services provided by our team at Fire Pros follow state and local codes and satisfy standards set forth by both OSHA and the NFPA. We carry extensive experience in handling fire pump inspections, maintenance, and installs, making our team your number one choice for fire pump services.

Our experts will fully assess your existing fire sprinkler systems or newly planned fire sprinkler systems in order to determine optimal fire pump installation. Product selection, installation placement, and ongoing system care are pivotal to the overall effectiveness of your fire sprinkler system as a whole. We take your need for precision seriously, and perform every step necessary in order to ensure your fire pump install is optimized according to your unique needs.

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When Should a Fire Pump Be Replaced or Upgraded?

When appropriately cared for, fire pumps are a comparatively long-lived piece of equipment. Because they are rarely in use, it can be difficult to assess when a replacement becomes necessary. Our teams suggest the following:

  • Consider replacement when updating your sprinkler equipment – In many cases a pre-existing fire pump can work in tandem with a newly installed sprinkler system. However, some systems require a new fire pump in order for the system to perform up to code, and likewise it may be a good time to update your fire pump to a newer, more effective model if your current pump is older.
  • Follow the recommendations of your fire pump inspection team – No one understands the condition and viability of your fire pump better than the dedicated fire protection specialists that are inspecting, testing, and maintaining it. Having an effective maintenance program in place is critical not only for keeping your system in effective order, but also for learning when the time has come to replace or upgrade.

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As a full-service fire protection company with decades of experience, Fire Pros is your one-stop shop for complete fire pump services, including fire pump installation. We go out of our way to keep your business safe and code-compliant.

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