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Why You Should Install a Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems are a must for ensuring timely exits from burning buildings and preventing significant fire damage. When you install a fire alarm system in your building, make sure that you also schedule times for it to be tested by an experienced fire protection contractor. That way, if a fire occurs, you can be sure that your fire alarm system will work properly.


If a fire were to break out, it’s important that people be alerted so that they have time to safely exit the building. If your building contains gas supplies or other combustible liquids or gases, it could cause the fire to spread quicker. For this reason, it’s important that people are aware of the fire as soon as it starts. Expertly installed fire alarm systems save lives.


If you own a commercial building, you are liable for any injuries or deaths that occur if there is no fire alarm system present. While fire alarm systems are key to fire safety, you should also make sure that the rest of your building is fire code-compliant.

Exit and emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, and other fire protection products may be necessary depending on the use of your industrial building. For example, restaurants will also need kitchen hood suppression and kitchen hood cleaning. If you don’t protect your building from fire, you become liable for fire-related injuries or deaths.

Fire Code Compliance

Protect yourself legally by making sure your building is fire code-compliant and safe for its occupants. You will need to make sure that your building adheres to standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), state and local fire codes, and your insurance.

Protection against Severe Fire Damage

A fire alarm system warns people in the building that there is a fire. However, fire alarm systems can also be used to alert local fire departments that your commercial building is on fire. A fire alarm system can help increase the response time to a fire by making sure it’s reported to emergency personnel as soon as possible. When the fire trucks arrive in a timely manner, this helps reduce the amount of fire damage your building sustains. Less fire damage means less costly repairs in the aftermath of a fire.

Peace of Mind

While we always hope for the best, it’s also important to prepare for the worst. This means making sure that your industrial building is protected from severe fire damage through a quality fire alarm system. You’ll feel more peace of mind knowing that your building is protected by a regularly tested fire alarm system.

If you are interested in our fire alarm system installation service, please feel free to call our licensed fire alarm system installers at 800-968-2871. Fire Pros is dedicated to helping customers keep their commercial buildings safe from severe fire damage.