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Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installations in Michigan

With the crowded quarters, fast pace, and hectic nature of a typical restaurant or commercial kitchen, accidents can and will happen, including fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, over 61% of fires in eating establishments start in the kitchen, making a kitchen fire suppression system an essential and cost-effective investment.

At Fire Pros, we offer kitchen suppression system installations for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, caterers, and other commercial kitchens. We serve businesses throughout Michigan, including Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and the Detroit metro area. With over 30 years of fire protection experience, you can count on us for professional, high-quality installation and exceptional service.

Protect your commercial kitchen with a premade or custom-designed kitchen fire suppression system from Fire Pros. Call (800) 968-2871 or contact us online today to learn more.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Installations in the Detroit Metro Area

At Fire Pros, our experts can evaluate your restaurant or commercial kitchen and recommend the best kitchen fire suppression solution for your needs and budget. We offer both pre-fabricated and custom options, as well as complete, professional installations. Our available kitchen fire suppression system installation services include:

  • Installation of commercial pre-fabricated kitchen fire suppression systems
  • Custom kitchen hood fabrication services
  • Grease duct fabrication services
  • Fire-retardant duct wrap installation
  • Electrical and gas control interlock installation
  • On-site installation
  • Permitting and approval
  • Custom plan, drawings, and design creation
  • Consultation and engineering services

Whether you have a small restaurant or a large commercial kitchen, our team can design and install the ideal fire suppression system for your needs.

Contact Fire Pros today at (800) 968-2871 to request a kitchen fire suppression system quote in the Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, or Detroit area.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspections in Grand Rapids

Keep your kitchen safe and avoid fires with an annual inspection of your kitchen fire suppression system. Our experts at Fire Pros will:

  • Clean and inspect nozzles
  • Inspect conduits and defectors
  • Check piping and fittings
  • Check cylinder pressures and hydrostatic test dates
  • Inspect non-pressurized tanks for leaks
  • Test pull stations, interlocks, and automatic actuation cycle
  • Replace any necessary fusible links, center link housings, or cartridges

We will record any problems and recommend repairs as required. Contact us today to schedule a fire suppression inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Here are answers to some common questions we receive at Fire Pros about kitchen fire suppression systems:

How Does a Kitchen Fire Suppression System Work?

When a fire is detected, the system releases a liquid or foam fire suppressant from pressurized cylinders through strategically placed nozzles. The suppressant mixes with the grease to create a soapy mixture that will not burn in a process called saponification.

What Do the Gas and Electrical Interlocks Do?

In the event of a fire, they turn off the electrical and gas supplies to eliminate potential sources of ignition and fuel. This minimizes the spread of the fire.

How Often Should the Kitchen Fire Suppression System Be Serviced?

At Fire Pros, we recommend annual inspection and service for most locations. We offer complete inspection, recharge, and repair services for kitchen fire suppression systems.

Would you like to learn more about fire protection equipment for your commercial kitchen? Contact our team today.

Schedule a Kitchen System Installation in Michigan Today

Are you concerned about the safety of your staff or your building? Install a kitchen fire suppression system from our team at Fire Pros. We offer top-quality systems and components from leading manufacturers.

Call (800) 968-2871 today or contact us online to schedule an installation appointment today!

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