Fire Alarm System Testing in Michigan & Indiana

You rely on your fire alarm to tell everyone in the building if there’s a fire. If the system is monitored, you also count on it to alert the fire department of your emergency. To enjoy the peace of mind that comes from installing a fire alarm, you must test it routinely. This is the only way to know for sure that each component is working properly.

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Fire Alarm Testing Procedure

You’re probably familiar with the strobe lights, horns, and pull stations that dot the hallways and rooms of your business, but these are just a few of the components that make up your fire alarm. Multi-point testing ensures that both the visible and hidden parts of the system are working together flawlessly. Here’s what fire alarm testing from Fire Pros looks like:

  • Test the control panel functions.
  • Check the placement, operation, and responsiveness of all smoke, heat, and duct detectors.
  • Test manual pull stations to ensure they provide a full range of motion and deliver a signal to the alarm panel.
  • Test all audible and visual alarm devices, including horns and strobes, for adequate volume and visibility.
  • Perform a load test on backup batteries and test the battery charger.
  • Check that the system detects and reports open or short circuits when they occur.
  • Send a signal to the monitoring station to ensure seamless communication.
  • And more.

How Often Do I Need Fire Alarm Testing?

The NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code requires your alarm to be tested once a year by a licensed fire protection company. You may also need periodic fire alarm repairs between these routine tests.

It’s also wise to have a trained staff member look over fire alarm system components periodically. This person should know when the system is malfunctioning, how to reset it, and when to call a fire protection company for assistance.

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Benefits of Fire Alarm Testing

  • Code compliance: National, state, and local regulatory agencies, equipment manufacturers, and insurance companies all require fire alarm testing. Keep your building code compliant to avoid fines and penalties and have an easier time applying for insurance coverage.
  • Fewer false alarms: A neglected fire alarm is more likely to interrupt daily business operations with false alarms than a well-maintained one.
  • Improved safety: You know you can trust a regularly tested fire alarm to keep your customers, tenants, and employees safe if a blaze breaks out.

Fire Alarm Maintenance Contracts

To enjoy all the benefits of fire alarm testing at a low, predictable cost, sign a maintenance contract with Fire Pros. We’ll provide automatic appointment reminders to help keep your building safe and compliant. Between scheduled visits, you can continue to count on us for fire alarm services right when you need them.

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