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October is Fire Prevention Month

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As West Michigan faces the winter ahead, October, also known as fire prevention month, is the perfect time for businesses to review their facility’s fire protection equipment.

State and local codes require routine inspections of fire suppression systems, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers.

Tips To Prevent Fires in Commercial Buildings

Follow and communicate these tips to your staff to help prevent fires in your building:

  • Check your fire extinguishers each month: Make sure the needle on the gauge is in the green zone, and the cylinder doesn’t show any sign of corrosion.
  • Clear clutter: Clutter is often combustible and can block access to exit routes. Ensure all established escape routes are clear.
  • Test fire alarms: Working fire alarms are key in giving anyone in your building more time to escape. You can also consider scheduling fire alarm monitoring services to protect your building 24/7.
  • Review your building’s escape routes with your staff: Make sure your employees know which windows can be broken open and which paths will be lit with emergency lighting. Each employee should be able to recognize two escape routes per room.  
  • Hold a fire extinguisher training session: If your building uses multiple types of fire extinguishers, ensure employees know which one to reach for and how to use them correctly.
  • Review any notes from your last fire suppression system inspection: Make sure your kitchen or special hazard fire suppression system is up to date. If you suspect you’ll need to replace the system in the next year, start planning how your business will handle the installation.
  • Ensure there are no pending fire sprinkler system repair needs: Fire sprinkler systems have many components, so it’s important to make sure each is working correctly on a routine basis. Schedule any necessary repairs as well.

Choose Fire Pros for Fire Protection Services

Fire Pros is West Michigan’s one-stop source for fire protection services and equipment. Our expert team is committed to helping businesses navigate fire protection code requirements and keep their employees, customers, and facilities safe.

We have over 40 years of experience providing excellent service, and we’re honored to be known as the fire protection service provider that West Michigan businesses trust.

Learn more about our fire protection services by contacting our team.