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Tips for Installing Emergency Exit Lights

Emergency lights are often overlooked until smoke from a fire makes it impossible to find the exits. Thankfully, emergency lights illuminate paths to safety to reduce risk of injury and death. Commercial buildings need emergency exit lights to comply with fire codes and standards.

Provide Enough Light to Evacuate

Visitors won’t be able to find fire exits without emergency lighting. Even employees who walk the halls every day can get disoriented and lost once the power goes out and smoke fills rooms. Emergency lights are needed for all commercial buildings, especially those open to the public. For example, hospitals have a steady stream of visitors, patients, and staff. In the event of a fire or other emergency, all these people need to be able to evacuate safely without panicking.

Lighted exit signs have to cut through darkness and smoke so people can safely evacuate. Emergency lights not only guide building occupants to safety, but help firefighters and other first responders look for survivors. First responders won’t be familiar with your building’s layout, which is why you need lighted emergency exit signs.

Follow Fire Codes and Standards

Guidelines for emergency lighting were created to improve visual conditions in the event of a fire or other emergency. If you own a commercial building, you must follow fire codes and standards. 

Fire codes and standards outline how long exit lights have to stay on during an emergency. We recommend investing in long-life LED emergency lights for better visibility and longer run times. Not only does emergency light improve evacuation time, but it reduces panic.

Have an Independent Power Source

It’s not uncommon for buildings to lose power during emergencies. For this reason, you’ll need to connect emergency exit lights to a power source independent from the rest of your building. People need to be able to evacuate safely, regardless of whether your building has power. 

Create Short Escape Paths

A fire protection contractor can determine the most strategic places for emergency exit lights so building occupants can evacuate as soon as possible.

Partner with a Fire Protection Company

Our team works hard to earn your business by offering a range of fire protection services for your commercial building. To request a quote for inspection or repairs of your emergency exit lights, call Fire Pros at 800-968-2871.