How Many Smoke Detectors Do I Need?

Fire Pros Inc.Fire SafetyHow Many Smoke Detectors Do I Need?

Do you know how many smoke detectors you need for your home or commercial building? The answer may surprise you. Our team is dedicated to keeping you safe with the best fire protection system. While a commercial building requires a fire alarm system to stay up-to-code, residential homes can be overlooked.

While we don’t like to think about what we’d do during an emergency, a fire alarm gives you more time to safely evacuate a building in the event of a fire. Keep reading to learn how many smoke detectors you need to stay safe.

How many smoke detectors should I install?

One smoke detector is not enough to protect your home. According to the National Fire Protection Association, you should have smoke alarms on every floor of your home, including the basement. A fire detector should be installed in each bedroom and outside every sleeping area. That way, you and your family will wake up at the first sign of a fire while avoiding smoke inhalation and other fire-related injuries. A fire protection contractor can help you with smoke detector installation so you have peace of mind.

If you own a commercial building, you’ll need to install a code-compliant fire protection system.

Smoke alarms should be installed:

  • Inside bedrooms
  • Outside sleeping areas
  • On every floor (including the basement)

When should I replace smoke detectors?

It’s not enough to replace smoke alarm batteries once a year. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, the smoke alarm itself needs to be replaced every 8 to 10 years. Smoke detectors have delicate components that allow them to detect smoke. However, these internal components eventually wear out over time.

Our team can help steer you toward the best smoke alarms for your home or commercial building. We also offer fire alarm installation. If you have recently installed smoke detectors in your home, it helps to write the date of purchase inside the alarm with a permanent marker.

Do I need wireless smoke detectors?

Ask fire protection companies about installing linked or wireless smoke detectors. Wireless smoke detectors use radio frequency to communicate with each other. This means that if one alarm goes off, they’ll all go off. Unlike wired smoke detectors, you don’t have to deal with the cost and hassle of rewiring your home or commercial building.

Wireless smoke detectors also give you more time to evacuate. Thirty years ago, American families had about 17 minutes to escape a fire. Today we have 3 to 4 minutes. In the past, more furniture was made with natural fibers that took longer to burn. However, today’s furniture is mostly made with synthetic fibers that catch fire more quickly. An entire house could be engulfed in flames within 5 minutes, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

We believe in hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. This means making sure your home or commercial building is protected by a quality fire alarm system. A fire protection contractor will be able to install and test smoke detectors so you’ll be prepared in the event of a fire. You’ll feel more peace of mind knowing that your alarm system prevents significant fire damage and saves lives.
Our team will be able to help you find the best smoke detectors for your home or commercial building. To schedule a service visit, or learn more about our fire protection services, call Fire Pros Inc. at 1-800-968-2871.