Fire Sprinkler Systems FAQ

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Whether you need fire sprinklers for new construction or are interested in updating your current system, you can only benefit from consulting with an experienced Grand Rapids fire protection company in your area. As a fire sprinkler installation contractor, we have answered lots of questions over the years about how fire sprinklers work to protect commercial buildings. More and more homeowners are also installing residential fire sprinklers in their homes. For your convenience, we have compiled our list of frequently asked questions so you can make an informed decision about your property.

How do fire sprinklers work?

The pipes for fire sprinkler systems contain highly pressurized water. Once the mechanism in the fire sprinkler head has been triggered, the water will only be able to be turned off by an emergency responder.

Each sprinkler head has a little plug to hold back the pressurized water in the pipes. However, when the temperature rises above 165 degrees Fahrenheit, the plug is released. How the plug is released depends on the type of fire sprinkler system installed. Some systems have a special solder for the sprinkler head that melts in high temperatures. Other systems may have a glass vial that contains fluid that will expand to break the glass in high temperatures.

What causes a fire sprinkler system to activate?

Fire sprinklers will go off when they detect air temperatures over 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Contrary to popular belief, fire sprinkler systems won’t activate when smoke is present. Otherwise, the fire sprinklers would activate and soak your belongings every time someone accidentally burns a piece of toast. Warning occupants of smoke is a job for smoke detectors. A fire sprinkler won’t activate unless there are flames in the room.

What buildings require fire sprinklers?

To check if your building requires fire sprinklers, you’ll need to consult with an experienced fire protection contractor. They will be familiar with the fire codes in your area to determine if fire sprinkler system installation is necessary. Buildings that typically require fire sprinklers include hospitals, schools, and apartment buildings.

Do all fire sprinklers go off at once?

Each fire sprinkler head operates independently. This means that if a change in temperature is detected in a room on the first floor, only the fire sprinklers for this area will go off. To minimize water damage in commercial buildings or apartment buildings, fire sprinklers only go off when there is a fire to put out.

What are the chances of fire sprinklers going off by accident?

It’s extremely rare that a fire sprinkler will go off by accident. Fire sprinkler systems are designed to detect heated air over 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The odds that a fire sprinkler system would go off accidentally are less than 1 in 3.3 million.

Who do I contact for fire sprinkler system installation?

For the fire safety of your building, you’ll need to contact a professional fire sprinkler installer in y our area. Make sure that the contractor is licensed and knowledgeable in national and local fire codes. Fire Pros, Inc. offers fire protection services for all of Michigan and Indiana.

If you are interested in our fire sprinkler system installation service, please feel free to call our fire protection contractors at 1-800-968-2871. We also offer fire extinguishers, emergency exit lighting, and other fire safety services. Fire Pros, Inc. is dedicated to helping customers just like you improve fire safety in commercial buildings.