Fire Alarm Monitoring

Installing a fire alarm system in your business is a critical part of ensuring life safety in a fire emergency. After all, smoke and heat detectors may not actively douse the flames, but strobe lights and horns make sure everyone in the building knows to evacuate.

During all the chaos, can you guarantee someone will think to call the fire department? Don’t count on it. Moreover, what if the fire breaks out at night? It might not be necessary to evacuate a vacant building, but there’s also no one there to alert the authorities. That’s where fire alarm monitoring comes in.

Fire Pros, Inc. offers complete fire alarm services, including 24/7 monitoring. If you’re interested in our services for your Michigan or Indiana building, please contact us today.

What Is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

A monitored fire alarm creates a direct connection between your building’s control panel and local emergency responders. A transmitter detects when the alarm goes off and instantly sends a signal to a central monitoring station, like Fire Pros.

Within seconds, the central station alerts the fire department. This way, emergency personnel dispatches to your location as quickly as possible—often in less time than it takes to evacuate and make the call yourself. You can also rest assured that firefighters will arrive to put out the flames, even if no one is in your building to place the call when the fire starts.

Benefits of Fire Alarm Monitoring in MI & IN

Monitoring is the best way to take full advantage of your fire alarm system. Whether you operate a small convenience store or a large warehouse, fire alarm monitoring gives you peace of mind that your building is safeguarded 24 hours a day.

Even if you’re there when the fire starts and could theoretically call the fire department yourself, a blaze can double in size and intensity every 30 seconds. Each moment you delay getting to the phone leads to greater and greater destruction.

Because monitoring automatically puts in the call, it can make the difference between life and death, between minor building damage and a total loss. Focus on getting everyone out of the building while the monitoring system worries about alerting the fire department.

Why Choose Fire Pros for Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Most commercial buildings need fire alarm monitoring to comply with local and national fire codes. Of course, this means you need a qualified fire alarm monitoring company to provide this service.

Fire Pros is a licensed and certified fire protection specialist operating in Michigan and Indiana. Turn to us for quality monitoring services to keep your business safe. We routinely test monitoring communications and will alert you if we find any technical glitches or malfunctions so you can schedule a repair as quickly as possible.

Arrange Fire Alarm Monitoring in Michigan & Indiana

For the past 30+ years, the team at Fire Pros has been providing quality fire alarm services to our customers in Michigan and Indiana. We are proud to be your one-stop-shop for all your fire protection needs, including fire alarm monitoring and inspections. Your safety is our number one priority, so we’ll do everything we can to protect your people and property.

To learn more about fire alarm monitoring in MI or IN, please contact Fire Pros today!