5 Reasons to Schedule Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Fire Pros Inc.Fire Safety5 Reasons to Schedule Restaurant Hood Cleaning

5 Reasons to Schedule Restaurant Hood Cleaning Grand Rapids, MIIs it time to schedule your next restaurant hood cleaning? If you own a restaurant, it’s important to call on the experts of fire safety. We can help you come up with a schedule for restaurant hood cleaning that complies with requirements set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), state and local codes, and your business fire insurance.

A dirty kitchen hood can significantly increase the likelihood of a fire. To prevent structural fire damage, make sure your restaurant hood is cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. Our fire protection contractors clean all accessible surfaces on the hood, duct work, and fan down to the bare metal. That way, no grease residue is left behind.

1. Comply with Fire Code

All restaurants have to comply with fire code in order to stay in business. Fortunately, our fire protection contractors have a firm understanding of fire code so you can keep your business licensing and insurance. Each restaurant has their own schedule for commercial hood cleaning based on the volume of customers and how often the kitchen is used.

2. Maintain Fire Safety

The leading cause of home fires is cooking equipment. Since restaurant kitchens cook more food on a day-to-day basis, it becomes especially important that you keep up on cleaning the restaurant hood. Over time, airborne grease particles build up inside the kitchen hood. When this happens, it significantly increases your risk for a restaurant fire.

When you own a restaurant, you have to protect the safety of your employees and customers. Scheduling times for hood cleaning is one of many things responsible restaurant owners do. While every restaurant owner wants their establishment to be in the news, they want it to be because of the delicious food, not because the building burned down. We offer restaurant hood cleaning and other fire protection services for your restaurant.

3. Protect Your Livelihood

After investing in your restaurant, the last thing you want is for it to burn down. Scheduling routine restaurant hood cleanings prevents grease from building up and increasing your risk of a fire. Since grease is flammable, it can easily catch fire if there is too much buildup inside the hood.

4. Avoid Liability

When you own a restaurant, you are held legally responsible for the safety of all who eat and work there. If a fire could have been prevented, you may be seen as liable for injuries or death. Fortunately, we offer kitchen hood cleaning and inspection so your kitchen always stays safe.

5. Improve Dining Experience

It’s hard to attract and keep customers if all they smell from your restaurant is grease. While the kitchen hood is responsible for capturing cooking fumes, it can’t do its job when it’s clogged. Our fire protection contractors clean down to the metal so all grease residue is removed.

If your restaurant has a high volume of customers, you’ll need to schedule hood cleaning every 1 to 3 months. To schedule your commercial hood cleaning, call Fire Pros Inc. at 1-800-968-2871.